IMPORTANT UPDATE 6 June 2023 (Fix for General Exception Error)
Modification required to: Program Files (x86)/Java/jre-1.8/lib/security/

1] IMPORTANT: Search for "jdk.jar.disabledAlgorithms" in file
2] IMPORTANT: place a # in front of the line (see below) to disable it
3] IMPORTANT: Use notepad not Microsoft Word
4] IMPORTANT: You may need to save modified file to desktop and then drag to replace existing

1/29/24 If you get: Error Code 1603: Java Update did not complete.

On Windows the file is located in Programs Directory
/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre-1.8/lib/security/

On macOS the file is located in Library directory (right mouse click on JavaAppletPlugin.plugin to Show Package Contents)
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/lib/security/




IMPORTANT: Most browsers no longer support embedded Java applets.
The alternative is to download a java JNLP file to your desktop
by using the "Upload jpg files to selected album | Desktop java" button

These files are run from the desktop and target specific album folders

Exception list entries for is required in PC/Mac Java Control Panel.

1] Login to Sports Gallery
2] Download Java Web Start .jnlp file to desktop. Mac users may have to control click the file to open.
3] Multiple .jnlp files are required to upload to multiple album folders

Check if Java is installed




System Preferences

What is JNLP? How to Open a JNLP File

Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) files are used to launch applications from a hosted web server on a remote desktop client. Software such as Java Plug-in and Java Web Start programs use JNLP files to run.

Because JNLP files are program-specific, your computer may not properly recognize JNLP files to execute them using the Java Web Start application. If this happens, you need to modify your computer’s file associations so that JNLP files open correctly with the Java Web Start application.

Download and Install the Latest Version of Java

Before you edit the file association on your PC to open JNLP files correctly, confirm that you have the proper Java programs installed on your computer. Here is how:

On a PC, click the Windows Search field and type "Java," or scroll through the list of alphabetized apps for the Java program. If you do not see it, Java is not installed.

On a Mac, if Java is installed, it will appear in the System Preferences

If Java is not installed, go to the website.

Click on the Java download button. The website automatically knows which operating system you are using and directs you to the appropriate Download page. On the Download page, click the Agree and start free download button to begin the download. After the file is downloaded, click the install launcher and follow any instructions to complete the installation.

Editing JNLP File Associations on Windows

To edit the file associations on a PC running Windows so that JNLP files open correctly:

01] From the Start window, navigate to the Control Panel.
02] Go to Programs > Default Programs.
03] Click Select Your Default Programs.
04] Select Choose Default Applications by File Type.
05] Choose JNLP from the list of extension types.
06] Select the option to Change program.
07] It is unlikely the proper Java application shows up automatically, so choose More apps.
08] Select Look for another app on this PC.
09] Navigate to the Java folder, which should be located in your Program Files (x86) folder.
10] Click through the jre[version #] and bin folders to the javaws.exe application. This is the Java Web Start application launcher. Choose it by double-clicking it.
11] Confirm the choice by pressing the Close button and complete the process.

From now on, the Java Web Start application will open JNLP files whenever you click on them.

Editing the JNLP File Associations on a Mac

To change the file associations for opening a JNLP file properly on a Mac:

01] Open the Finder and locate the JNLP file you plan to open.
02] Right-click the JNLP file and select Get Info.
03] From the JNLP file information screen, click the arrow next to Open With.
04] Select Java Web Start from the list of applications in the drop-down menu. If it is not listed in the first group of options, select Other and locate it in the complete list of applications.
05] After you select the right app, click Change All to apply the change to all JNLP file types in the future.
06] Finalize the process by clicking Continue.

Now, whenever you click a JNLP file to open on your Mac, it opens automatically with the correct Java application.

You may need to Right-click (or control-click) the JNLP file and choose "Open" to bypass the "unidentified developer" error message from gatekeeper.